Major achievements of Scientia Pakistan Magazine

Scientia Pakistan is a digital Science Magazine. The primary aim of this magazine is to spread scientific awareness through media to the layman in Pakistan.

Major achievements of Scientia Pakistan MagazineFor more than one year, Scientia Pakistan are striving to re-shape the narrative of science journalism in our homeland through our writings. 
It started with a group of students from more than ten universities of Pakistan.

Science communication is the main channel for the dissemination of scientific information to the public. However, in Pakistan, science is never conceived as a genre in active journalism and there is a serious lack of science journalists in mainstream media. Additionally, our academia is not actively pursuing science communication as an educational field.

Scientia Pakistan assembles the best, up-to-date, most-absorbing material related to the world of Science with its every page. We make complex topics accessible to a lay audience while keeping the scientific accuracy. We aim to turn it into one of the leading Science magazines.

With our own (short-lived) resources, we have successfully launched 14 editions on diverse fields of science like wildlife, environment, endangered species, Apolo11 (50th-anniversary celebrations), Artificial Intelligence, Astrobiology, Mental health, Epigenetics, scientists around the globe.

Recently in March Scientia Pakistan brought our virus-borne diseases edition that specifically covers coronavirus. This edition caught the attention of national & international media and international organizations, and The United States Library of Congress has selected our website for their web-archive program.

For more than one year, this team has been managing organizational activities as volunteers, along with their studies. They are super excited and motivated on this major achievement and hopeful to explore more avenues in Science excellence.

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