Policies requires to protect agriculture sector in Pakistan

Dr Asif Ali said that International trade is worse affected due to restrictions on boarders aimed Covid-19 and the trade of fruits and vegetables will be negatively affected on agriculture sector if proper policies are not formulated for implementation.

Policies requires to protect agriculture sector in PakistanVice-Chancellor, University of Agriculture Multan, Dr Asif Ali talked while addressing an online conference on ‘Impacts of Covid-19 on Agricultural Sector in Pakistan.

Experts discussed the current situation of the agriculture sector and the harmful impact of Covid-19 lockdown on the agriculture business in Pakistan. The session was arranged by the Center for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS).

One of the expert discussed agriculture sector suffers a lot due to lock down for Coronavirus. It is high time to draft Policies to protect agriculture sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) former chairman Dr Yusuf Zafar said while on speaking on the occasion that the Coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a health crisis in Pakistan. However, it is also one of a major social and economic predicament.

He stressed the need to take full advantage of public sector investment for strengthening the research and development sector in the country. Punjab former minister for livestock and dairy development Mumtaz Mohammad Khan Manais urged on the need for advanced technology in the agriculture sector to boost productivity of the agriculture industry in Pakistan