CSAP organizes event on 21st April to discuss post-COVID19 Era as the Cyber Threats

CSAP are conducting a Webinar specifically to discuss the Cyber Security challenges faced by organizations these days in the post-COVID19 Era as the Cyber Threats are on a drastic rise.

CSAP organizes event on 21st April to discuss post-COVID19 Era as the Cyber Threats

CSAP is a Non-Profit Organization, moving ahead with a Strategy and structure. Its mission is to advise in addressing the gaps and regain the reputation in the field of Cyber Security, respective technologies that exist and that are emerging.

Phishing and Social Engineering attacks have increased by 350% due to Coronavirus havoc. Social engineering attacks are used for a broad range of malicious activities, by hackers that are accomplished through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information or be a reason for a security breach.

CSAP invited to join this great gathering on our Webinar on Tuesday 21st April 2020 from all Pakistan professionals around the globe where the industry leaders will be discussing ‘POST COVID-19 ERA – Cyber Security Challenges and Guidance from a Leader’s Perspective’.

CSAP have around 340 members overall within 7 regional chapters, special interest groups (within CSAP) and a couple of sectoral committees. They have gathered the leadership from various industries and regions to collectively form a successful alliance.

CSAP membership is FREE until further notice and they urge everyone who is interested, to register with them by clicking on Membership Link.

CSAP will be seen very soon participating in various initiatives and welcomes everyone to participate with us. Furthermore assure adequate recognition for individuals and organizations in return for their valuable efforts.

CSAP will be conducting many more Webinars and e-Conferences on Cyber Threats and hope that they will be informative for all.