In order to flatten the corona curve engineers working for Saaf Pakistan Project have introduced ozone walkthrough gates in the country.

As per Ali Zia, who heads the association, ozone walkthrough gates have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan. He said it was made conceivable after Talha Saleem, of the NED University of Engineering and Technology, manufactured special generators for isolating ozone from water – the primary system utilized in the walkthrough doors.

Explaining further he mentioned the walkthrough gates used at present are basically using chlorine for disinfection of virus. As per Zia, this disadvantage is the explanation he and his group have presented ozone disinfectant gates, which are increasingly powerful as well as costs effective too.

While talking to the media person he said the ozone separating mechanism has been approved by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. He said Ozone is considered to be effective against 99 percent of microorganisms more effectively than other chemicals.

He said that the doors had ozone, of high viscosity, put away in tanks after isolated from water, including those motion sensors which automatically sprays when someone passes through that gate. The span of the spray could be adjusted through another sensor.

“The instrument was extremely successful in battling CoV-1, which caused the serious intense respiratory disorder, in 2003,” he asserted.

As per Zia, the doors are appropriate for being introduced openly places, for example, malls, meeting rooms, theaters, workplaces, public venues and gathering lobbies.

“Saaf Pakistan Project has just arranged and introduced five such doors at Karachi port’s private terminal, shopping centers, and mosques,” he shared, including that these didn’t cost much as the generator utilized was made locally. “Each of these, presently costing around Rs100, 000, would have been as costly as Rs300, 000 had we imported the generators,” Zia anticipated.

He said that gates having different storage capacities are available in the market. He said that now they have 30 liters capacity but there are trying to increase the capacity of 60liters, 80 liters adding up to 300 liters. Each gate has at least 5 to 10 nozzles for spraying a person head to toe.

By Ahsan Ali

A young motivated person, interested in research and bioenterpreneurship in Pakistan.