”All possible options were being explored to let the university out of crisis financially and should rank it among leading universities of the public sector in the country. LMS has also been launched.” Vice-Chancellor Gomal University Professor Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad said.

Gomal Varsity is streaming up as renowned among other universities by launching an online learning system and improving other disciplines as well. Learning Management System (LMS) to promote standard academic activities after the Corona lockdown situation that hit the entire world including Pakistan has been successfully launched.

Referring to the online Learning Management System, the Vice-Chancellor described the varsity as pioneer one among public sector universities availing computational activities for the fulfillment of academic goals.

Vice-Chancellor said that after Coronavirus lock-down circumstances, the management of the university underscored the need to govern a technically possible online mechanism for academic activities.

He informed that a chain of meetings with the Head of Departments and Deans of faculties agreed on executing modes of teaching for online registered students, adding a Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) had been assigned the responsibility to monitor operational activities of the LMS under the set parameters of Higher Education Commission (HEC) for public sector universities, he said.

To a question Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad said that significance of the LMS was that interaction between students and teacher with live streaming and downloaded material through Premium Feature Facility of the Google Classroom had been arranged, benefiting almost 80 to 90 percent online registered students of all the Departments, which are considerable feedback from the other end, VC added.

He said that the successful execution of online academic activities will ensure the spread of quality education in the region besides proving as a president for other universities under the umbrella of the public sector.

Referring to challenges Gomal University was facing, Dr. Iftikhar said that a comprehensive strategy was to be devised to conduct examination and evaluation of the participating students. He said that Gomal University had great potential for research and academic activities. He said that 79 foreign students enrolled in Gomal University were availing the online opportunity from their homelands most of them from African and Arab Countries.

 He informed that the liability against university rose to Rs.1 billion while the management was set to open the departments of Geology and some other programs.

When his attention was diverted to towards the newly established Agriculture University of Dera and that whether it was the up-gradation of the existing Agriculture faculty of the Gomal University or whether it was a full-fledged University with separate autonomy and competence, Dr. Iftikhar said that soon a meeting of Deans of faculties will take place to determine its faith with further steps in this regard as yet it was not clear.