A Chinese pharmaceutical company donated Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) to a hospital in Karachi to help Pakistan’s health authorities to cure covid-19.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been proven efficient against COVID-19. Dr.Zhang Boli, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) along with modern technology to fight against COVID-19. The 72-year old doctor, who is also the president of Tianjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said TCM has played a significant role in curing the disease, especially in the early time period.

Data from China’s National Administration of TCM indicates that the overall effectiveness rate of this drug is 90 percent among 74,187 COVID-19 patients across the nation.

World Health Organization indicate that approximately 6% to 10% of mild COVID-19 cases become severe ones. However, none of the 564 mild and common patients at the makeshift hospital developed into severe cases after treatment with the TCM formulas. “More importantly, the blood plasma of recovered patients has shown positive results against COVID-19,” Zhang explained.

TCM is a 5,000-year-old system that utilizes tools to recover the mind and body disorders caused by viruses and has always maintained its importance during many epidemic outbreaks in pasts. In TCM terminology, COVID-19 is considered as “a disease caused by dampness and coldness”, and the resolve of coldness is aimed at the condition of the immune system being suppressed. The detoxification is aimed at the virus, and the clearing of heat is aimed at adjusting the micro-ecology in the patients’ gastrointestinal system.

According to Zhang Boli, there are three aspects of experience in the country’s battle against the virus. First and foremost is early detection, isolation, diagnosis, and treatment, and ask people to go under quarantine. Second is the establishment of makeshift hospitals to expand the treatment capacity, cutting the transmission of the virus.

The third is the combination of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine. Medical experts from both TCM and Western medicine worked together and jointly protect people’s health.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all sectors of China have been continuously supporting Pakistan. The donated medicine has been listed as a recommended TCM in the treatment plan for the COVID-19 by the provincial TCM regulator in Hunan, China. It is believed that TCM will help Pakistan in containing COVID-19, the report added.