Artificial intelligence is a field of research that involves machines and devices that can perform independently on their own.

The branch of AI, called machine learning, strives to provide the machine with behavioral examples that make it learn to replicate this behavior. In the branch of machine learning, there is a site called Deep Learning.

The computer is programmed to learn unfavorable concepts and combine these different ideas. For example, when I snap a picture of a cat, the computer scans its outline, reads the outline of the frame, and then includes the edges to rebuild the cat’s face.

Generally, machine learning requires only one thing – data. The raw material used to produce the data input intelligence. When I write a letter to someone, I create information about my feelings towards that person at that time. When my cell phone tracks my location, it collects data about my travels. Once we start incorporating everything that happens in the world and into our lives, we will be able to use AI to do those things.All or almost all events can be estimated and disconnected using all types of sensors and models. Consequently, we have seen many fields open to possibilities for models. For example, financially, the transition is far from the traditional trader, whose anti-strategy tactics have been replaced by battles of algorithms. Travel is now dominated by questions related to traffic efficiency, energy delivery, and ticket prices. The tree is also gradually transformed by algorithms. As mankind develops a broader strategy, machines take care of the calculations.

First, it has something to do with smart grids. In the long run, we will need to redirect energy use to meet the needs. It is also easy to imagine using AI to improve energy consumption in buildings. Google has succeeded in using machine learning to reduce the power consumption of the data center by 40%.

The future of AI is for the first time to understand our natural ways of speaking. This is one of the hardest things a machine has to learn because we call it a lot of condition information to “determine” the true meaning of what is being said.

Today, we can create AI with many precise capabilities, which means they can do one thing and do it better than humans. But AI is far from independent thinking or understanding of complex and common concepts like we humans.

By Ahsan Ali

A young motivated person, interested in research and bioenterpreneurship in Pakistan.