First time JazzCash starts Digital Merchant Onboarding portal in Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading digital financial platform, JazzCash, has successfully started a Digital Merchant Onboarding portal the first of its kind in the industry in line with their vision to develop the digital payments ecosystem.

First time JazzCash starts Digital Merchant Onboarding portal in PakistanThis solution allows business owners to swiftly and seamlessly register their business accounts online via the JazzCash website and start receiving digital payments through QR codes.Customers can make payments by scanning the QR code via the JazzCash app or USSD.JazzCash is the first player in Pakistan to offer this service while complying with the State Bank of Pakistan’s regulations on digital merchant onboarding.

Head of Products (SME) JazzCash Umair Yousaf said that “In today’s world, the success of a business is also dependent on the convenience that it offers to its customers. We saw an opportunity to provide businesses across Pakistan a hassle-free registration process which allows them to offer payment convenience to their customers”.

He further said that “this solution is of particular importance during the current pandemic, as the registration process is completely digital and customers of the businesses can make contactless payments instead of paying in cash”.

Interested business owners can self-onboard by registering themselves on the JazzCash website and selecting the JazzCash QR tab. Only three things are required to complete the registration process; personal details, a valid CNIC and live/ digital photograph. Upon successful account creation, a JazzCash QR code will be issued and ready to use within 48 hours. The all-in-one solution is simple and makes for an efficient and flawless customer onboarding experience.

Contactless payments are a safer alternative to cash particularly in the current scenario where COVID-19 has become a global pandemic. JazzCash has provided business owners the ability to self-register for receiving digital payments without having to step out of their premises and has provided customers a mean to make contactless payments. Jazz and JazzCash continue to make substantial impact on the digital landscape in Pakistan by offering best in class digital services and is stepping up its efforts in the existing scenario.