Chinese medical delegation recommended 28 days lockdown for Coronavirus

The Chinese delegation of medical experts has suggested the government to observe lockdown for at least 28 days for Coronavirus and after that the restrictions could be eased gradually according to prevailing conditions.

Chinese medical delegation recommended 28 days lockdown for Coronavirus

Moreover it is more appropriate that patients affected from Coronavirus should be admitted to a hospital or kept at quarantine center instead of keeping them at home.

Doctor Maming Hoi from Urumqi province China led the delegation comprising Chinese doctors and specialists met Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office. It was agreed during the meeting for promoting mutual cooperation and joint efforts in order to cope with Coronavirus pandemic.

The delegation said that SOPs being adopted by the Punjab government with regard to undertaking precautionary measures and treatment facilities were very effective. They appreciated the timely steps taken by the Punjab government that had proven beneficial to slow down further spread of Coronavirus in Punjab.

The Chinese doctors and chief nurse also shared their observations and experiences to effectively deal with Coronavirus pandemic and also to check its rapid spread.  Punjab CM and Health Minister inquired the Chinese doctors about various matters relating to Coronavirus.

The CM observed that China was a highly reliable friend of Pakistan as it had stood by Pakistan in every crucial time. He said that China had set an example worth emulating by overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic in a short span of time.

He further maintained that the government would also benefit from the Chinese experience to conquer the Coronavirus pandemic. We will fully act upon the suggestions and recommendations of Chinese doctors in this matter.

The CM further maintained that the government deeply appreciated the cooperation and assistance extended by China in order to effectively deal with Coronavirus pandemic. 

He stated that Chinese doctors and specialists had advised that the spread of coronavirus should be stopped at minimum possible places at the earliest.

Chinese doctor Maming Hoi opined that the possibility of spreading Coronavirus in hot weather could not be ruled out. The Chinese delegation advised that social distancing measures played an important role to protect ourselves from Coronavirus.

He informed that use of plasma had proven to be beneficial in highly adverse conditions in order to save the lives of patients and the use of three anti viral medicines for the affected patients had proven to be curative and effective.

He observed that Coronavirus symptoms do not appear as people having better immune system recover early whereas it could prove to be dangerous for aged people and for those suffering from other ailments.

 Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare also gave a detailed briefing about information of Coronavirus patients across the province.