Amazon’s first cashierless grocery store opened on February 25th, 2020 with previously powered 25 Amazon Go stores. A store ran by this kind of advanced technology allows customers to walk in, grab the items they need, and simply walk out without paying at the cash register.

The system is designed to monitor the customer’s movements and charge their purchase to their credit card.

While the first Amazon Go store in Seattle was met with success, the company has decided to start selling its cashier less store technology to other retailers. This news was officially announced in early March 2020, even though there is no information about which retailers will be adopting Amazon’s technology.

Advanced Technology Up for Sale

Amazon’s cashierles store technology uses a complex system of cameras, sensors, and software that tracks customer’s movements and activities inside the store. The entire tech bundle is known as “Just Walk Out” is currently available for sale to any retailer interested in modifying their stores.

According to the official report by Reuters, there are already a couple of clients interested in this offer and some of them have already signed official deals, although no names were revealed yet. Namely, other retailers have been showing interest in this type of tech development for years, which motivated Amazon to make their systems available to their competition.

The company even went a step further and created a website dedicated to “Just Walk Out” technology. The official site covers all details about the sale offer and the technology itself. It also includes answers to the most frequent questions about their new business line. Even though the site doesn’t include any info about the pricing, there are plenty of details about the package itself. Along with the cameras, sensors, and other hardware equipment needed to set up the cashierless store system, Amazon also sells the software solutions. Their entire package comes with 24/7 customer support available via phone or email. The entire setup procedure of the “Just Walk Out” system takes a few weeks, depending on the store it is being installed in. Namely, Amazon can install its cashierless technology in both new stores under construction, as well as already existing stores that are undergoing renovation.Today In: Enterprise Tech

A Retail Revolution is Ahead of Us

It is important to clarify that the retailers who purchase the “Just Walk Out” cashierless system is not expanding the Amazon Go franchise. The technology serves to improve the retailer’s stores without any further affiliation with Amazon after the installation. It should be looked at this new opportunity from the customer’s point of view as well. As of now, it seems like the customers will be gaining more benefits from this technology than the retailers. This store concept allows customers to shop faster without needing an app or an Amazon account. They will no longer have to wait in lines to pay for their items, which will contribute to today’s busy lifestyle. Besides Amazon, there are other startups selling similar technology systems such as Grabango, AiFi, and Zippin.

Courtesy: Forbes