Lab for research to discover virus will be establish in Karachi

Pakistan will build up a lab in Karachi for gathering clinical and virological data use for research purpose for detecting virus causing harm to human health.

Lab for research to discover virus will be establish in KarachiA renowned scientists and Former Science and Technology Minister, Dr Ata ur Rehman informed while talking to media that research centre for detection of virus was going to be functional in Karachi university with the assistance of German and Chinese experts.

He said while remarking on current virus Covid-19 threatening the global economy and human health that we have families in virus that had already showed up in various districts of the world and caused extreme harm e to public health holding weak immune system.

He said about revealing insight about such infection that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), had already visible and posed danger for various people in many regions.

He added that the third one has also emerged before the world with the name of COVID-19.

He observed that the world most economically power full nation like America, Germany, France, Spain and Italy could not limit the Corona virus pandemic, among the individuals despite overwhelming health system.

He talked about preventing measures from Corona virus that Isolating himself from the social gathering was the only best solution of this globally troubling virus.

He suggested that present government should instantly buy the gear like ventilators for fulfilling the demand of the hospitals.

Dr Ata ur Rehman  showed concern over health material by saying  that claiming to give 15000 testing facility in a week would not be practicable in near future  as the current virus could play destruction among the under developing nations like Pakistan.

He stated that Poly Chain Reaction (PCR), testing in Pakistan was accessible in various laboratories but machine results which, he added was costly as compared to testing through kits.

He answered by quoting the former Ambassador to United Nations Abdullah Haroon’s video that most developed nation was attempting to make an artificial virus in a Maryland lab aimed at denting the volume of rising trade and economy of over 1.3 billion population living in Chinese speaking Asian region.

He revealed that some analysists were working on that direction to identify the authenticity of the secret processing of the virus. He said it would be hard to move toward such highly stable country’s lab and its sinister motives.

He said in replying another question that figure of Pakistan research work was jumping as compared to neighboring country India during recent fifteen years.                                                           

He talked about use of Hydroxy choloroquine for preventing from COVID-19 that eminent specialists Dr Tahir Shamsi and Dr Javed Akram of Health Sciences in Lahore were fully devoted to reach conclusion in that regard.