How to modernize your WordPress Website 3 best techniques

When you start, with your WordPress website, the first thing is always about the themes and plugins. You also need hosting services to make your site appear online.

How to modernize your WordPress Website 3 best techniquesIn today’s world, the website is one of the basic assets of businesses. As now, the majority of businesses are running online, therefore, the website becomes an essential part. With the advancement in technology, WordPress becomes one of the best CMS that offers a non-tech savvy person to manage sites without using codes. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is used by the majority of website owners.

 The WordPress hosting Pakistan could be an effective way to make your site online. But with time, the audience’s behavior is changing. To tackle it effectively, and to be protective, you need to modernize your WordPress website.There are many other options for web hosting Pakistan which can be sorted out.

Why Modernize Your WordPress Website?

One of the main questions you may ask is why there is a need to modernize your WordPress website? The majority of the site owners, find it tedious to update the WordPress sites. Modernizing your website means to update it to the latest version. WordPress as a platform is continuously evolving and as a result, WordPress receives time to time updates.

But there are also many reasons to modernize your WordPress website. The top reasons are as follows

  • Security: This is one of the main reasons to modernize your site. As updating your site, removes the loopholes, therefore you must need to modernize your WordPress site.
  • Bug Fixes: This is also one of the main reasons to update the WordPress site. To eliminate the bugs, you need to update the site.
  • New Features: By modernizing your WordPress website you get new features that help your website to grow.

1. Update WordPress with Automation:

One of the best ways to modernize your WordPress website is through automated updates. WordPress automated updates help you to update your WordPress site through one click. To update WordPress with automation you need to follow the tips discussed below

  • Schedule Backup: The regular backups are a must to ensure that your updated site is saved. By backup and restore plugin you can ensure that you have something to go back when updating the site goes wrong.
  • Automate Plugin: To update plugins you can easily use free easy update manager that helps you to update all the themes and plugins automatically.

2. Update WordPress Manually:

Updating WordPress Manually is one of the lengthy processes but could be effective if you have time. To modernize your WordPress website, you need to follow the steps given below

  • Ensure that you backup your site before starting the process
  • Download the latest version of your WordPress site through
  • Extract the file in your computer
  • Deactivate all the plugins and access to via FTP for FTP client
  • Except for the Wp-config.php, wp-content folder, .htaccess file, and robots.txt file, delete all the old WordPress files.
  • Upload all the new files from your computer to the folder of your site
  • Run the upgrade script through going to the backend of your WordPress site.

3. Update Plugins & Themes:

When it comes to modernizing your WordPress website, you must need to update plugins and themes. The plugins and themes play a vital role in making your site work smoothly. From Yoast plugin to the themes, update them all to modernize the WordPress.

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