Airtel Kenya will offer free internet access on the Longhorn e-learning platform to enable students continue studying.

The service will be available until schools reopen.

“…this will be with an aim to empower the students using its technology and ensuring that students remain positively engaged in their learning process,” MD, Prasanta Das Sarma said.

“This will help them continue learning while out of school, and open up a new world of opportunities for their future.”

Sarma said that a good number of students are already using the portal since its launch two days ago.

The material can also be accessed on SMS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta called on businesses to help Kenyans cope during the coronavirus pandemic.

Safaricom waived charges on sending money less than Sh1,000.

Banks also announced they were willing to renegotiate loans and waived online banking fees.

Courtesy: The Star