Best anonymous browsers to stay untracked online

Usually, people do not care about what is going on with their personal data when they are online. At this very time, thousands of trackers collect their personal information ranging from date of birth to personal taste for YouTube videos.

Best anonymous browsers to stay untracked online

All that drives the information manipulation, from which you can suffer a lot. In addition, less benevolent parties can scan your credit card numbers and sensitive data. This can lead to tragedy in some cases.

That is why people need protection when they are online, especially when they browse hundreds of pages per hour. There, no need to discover America again, users are provided with a lot of tools, which can make them more anonymous during the surf.

This article will tell you about the best anonymous browsers, which can make your online presence secure.

  1. Idyll Browser (Utopia Ecosystem);
  2. Tor Browser;
  3. Brave.

Top 3 Best Anonymous Browsers of 2020

Idyll Browser (Utopia Ecosystem)

Idyll is a built-in browser of the Utopia Ecosystem — a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem focusing on preserving security and anonymity on the Web. The anonymous browser here is an integral part of it, as well as secure instant messenger, email, e-wallet, files storage and transfer, various managers, viewers, API, own alternative DNS, own cryptocurrency, etc.

The main distinction of this ecosystem is the advanced encryption techniques applied to information storage and transfer path: AES-256 and Curve-25519. All the browser traffic is encrypted.

The additional nice thing is the anonymous registration — the first step into the ecosystem is anonymous. You don’t have to connect your phone number or an email address; you don’t have to even provide your real name. Thus, when you browse certain web-resources, not a single piece of your personal information will leak to third parties.

And do not forget about the P2P architecture. The absence of a single (or even several) central servers makes interception impossible.

It is worth mentioning that you can browse sites only inside the ecosystem.

Tor Browser

Several years ago, Tor revolutionized the whole online concept. It is an open-source project which allows establishing an anonymous network connection. The browser isolates each web-resource you visit so that no one can track users’ actions.

There is no need to explain the technology; it’s hard to understand for a not tech-savvy person. The anonymity is really on the high level. However, there were cases when the public learned about the vulnerabilities of Tor, like the possibility of deanonymization of users.

But that’s a rare case, if you are a law-abiding citizen, you don’t have to be afraid.

But you had better be prepared for a low-speed pages download.


It is another amazing secure web browser. It is built on the principles of blocking annoying ads and preventing users’ online activity tracking. It is Chrome-based, so it will look like Chrome but more secure. It’s convenient as it does not require getting used to a new interface.

Moreover, the page load time is not so long as of Tor. That what users like most.

The actual aim of the browser is to provide an alternative to widespread systems in which users are given free content in exchange for displaying adverts from the income of which many creators and publishers of content on the Web can earn for a living.

So, you won’t find ads there.

The bottom line

As practice and time show that these 3 browsers are the most reliable ones. With them, you can be completely sure that your sensitive personal data is protected and will never be intercepted by unauthorized parties.