Facebook joins hands to assist coronavirus campaign in Pakistan

Facebook in collaboration with WHO has announced free ad space to create coronavirus campaign on awareness and to tackle misinformation on COVID-19 in Pakistan.

Facebook joins hands to assist coronavirus campaign in Pakistan

The World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with other organizations striving hard to combat the menace of COVID-19. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations along with corporate sector playing their role to stop the epidemic of COVID-19.

Facebook offered worth $50,000 Ad credits to Pakistan for Coronavirus campaigns. These Ad credits can be used for public awareness about COVID-19 or to counter the misinformation allied to this deadly virus.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook issued the statement that the social network would allocate WHO “as many free ads as they need for outreach related to the outbreak”. The platform is also providing free ad credits to Facebook and national ministries of health.

According to media reports, following the Zuckerberg’s offer, Pakistan’s health minister, Zafar Mirza, announced that Facebook has agreed to give ad credits worth $50,000 to the government of Pakistan for coronavirus campaign on awareness.

Facebook itself is doing a good job to stop misinformation about this epidemic. Referring people to local health organizations, if they are searching related to this disease.

Facebook is promising to stop misinformation, and the platform is doing a pretty good job. If one search for anything related to the epidemic, will be referred to local health organizations.

On the other side, Government of Pakistan is assembling disease observation units around the country. According to Mirza, Pakistan is doing its best job in this critical situation and hoping that government would not declare any health emergency.