Makran beaches are no safer for green turtles due to plastic pollution

Makran coastal aquatic life especially green turtles in Pakistan are facing endangerment due to plastic nets and plastic shoppers’ pollution.

Makran beaches are no safer for green turtles due to plastic pollution

Once beaches of Makran were safe heaven for aquatic life specially the green turtles, which need pollution free environment for breeding, since this coastal line was far away from human populations. Recently, according to Scientia Pakistan, corpses of green turtles are found on the beaches of Jaddi of Pasni and Padi Zar of Gwadar due to plastic nets and plastic bags.

Due to unique biodiversity of beaches of Ormara, Daran, Jewaani Tak, Pasni and Hiftilar Islanad have the status of safe heavens for green turtles. Out of thousands baby turtle there are very few who survive, this raises point of ponder for their protection. Green turtle due to shyness lay their eggs far from human settlements, no light and noise is ideal place for their hatchery.

Biologist believe that these deaths of green turtle is due to plastic nets and plastic shoppers. Since plastic bags don’t degrade for 400 – 450 years, it remains in water. The diet of green turtle is jellyfish and other water entities found near the coast. The plastic shoppers seem like jellyfish, they eat them mistakenly which gets stuck in their stomach and prove fatal.

Usually, fishermen use these plastic nets and throw their pieces in the ocean, that capture these turtles and lead to their death.

Another reason for death of these turtles is visits of thousand tourists at Makran coastline, who pollute the area by throwing plastic shoppers waste along the coastline. Several times, turtle dies when they come close the spoiled shores.

Due to the absence of education and awareness, the local people do not ponder the turtles to be imperative. Also, in far off areas, there is no one to save them. Moreover, the inhabitants do not take the loss of these turtles critically either and make no attempts to guard them.

Governmental and non-governmental organization are not pondering to protect these unique green turtles, this will lead the extinction of green turtles from Pakistani shores.