The Huawei AppGallery store is the third largest app store in the world, although it is a great distance from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Due to the ban of the US government to use Google’s services and applications, the Chinese manufacturer has been trying to encourage developers to adapt their apps to its platform. The last way to attract them is through a more attractive revenue sharing formula during the first years.

This preferential distribution is valid for 24 months after the developers accept the agreement, provided they do so before June 30, 2020, and it depends on the type of application as shown in this table below.


Developer  Apps CategoriesStandard Revenue  Share Percentage(Huawei: Developer)Preferential Revenue  Share Percentage(Huawei:Developer)
The 1st month to the 12nd monthThe 13rd month to the 24th month
Media  and Entertainment, Tools, Communication, Books and References, Photography,  Food and Drink, Travel and Navigation, Travel and Accommodation, Shopping,  Business, Kids, Finance, Sports and Health, Lifestyle and Convenience, Cars,  and Personalized Themes.30%:70%0%:100%15%:85%

It is especially noteworthy that the percentages of up to 100% are obtained during the first year in all categories of apps except games.

Once the two-year preferential period has passed, the distribution percentages amount to 30:70 for all apps except for education, which stays at 20:80.

Google offers a 30:70 between the Play Store and the developers. This is the same revenue share that Apple applies to developers in its App Store.

Last year, Epic Games refused to put its popular game, Fortnite, in the Google Play Store because it considered that 30% that Google takes away is abusive. Epic Games has launched its own game store where developers earn 88% and the store takes 12% of sales.

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