Startups can bring path breaking improvements in agricultural sector of Pakistan

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser said that the young drove creative and troublesome in agricultural startups offer new ideas for changing Pakistan’s conventional agriculture sector into an internationally adjusted and competitive sector.

Startups can bring path breaking improvements in agricultural sector of PakistanDuring a meeting with founders of different agricultural startups who informed National Assembly panel on the path-breaking improvements done in agricultural sector of Pakistan.

The speaker urged the government to facilitate and scale up the quality of startups as they were engines of rural and agricultural development.

He also underlined the requirement for making an empowering environment for the private sector to lead the transfer of farm technology and up lifting the agricultural productivity in Pakistan and export competitiveness.

Members of the National Assembly Special Committee on Agricultural Products valued the improvement made by the agricultural startups in Pakistan.

They focused on the fast development of Pakistan’s population and immense emphasis on the country’s natural resources, tech-driven sustainable agriculture and food security system offered vast potential to meet Pakistan’s food security needs.

MNA Syed Fakhar Imam expressed that due to seven years of terrible administration had hindered Pakistan’s advancement to understand the full rural potential of agricultural needs in Pakistan. He valued the National Assembly speaker for finding a way to gather the political force for elevating Pakistan’s agro economy.

He required youth’s commitment in agriculture for artificial intelligence, online business entryway, information mining and other ICT arrangements.

Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fehmida Mirza urged the founders of startups to give explicit attention to the issues of small farmers and women, who continued to be constrained by significant barriers including fragmented landholding, lack of access to credit and information technology, and were exploited by middlemen.

Minister for National Food Security and Research Khusro Bakhtiar, while endorsing the observations, underlined the requirement for looking at the rules regulating access to credit for agricultural startups.

He urged the startups to work together with the government on the themes included in the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Emergency Program.