Careem will show exact fare before pressing button Chalo

Careem, the leading internet platform of the greater Middle East, has introduced a new way of calculating fare via their upfront pricing model.

Careem will show exact fare before pressing button ChaloThe pricing model of Careem will improve riding experience for customers, who will now have greater assurance over the exact fare before they start the ride (press ‘Chalo’), and for captains as they get more visibility over their earnings at the time of accepting a ride.

Initial data reveals that upfront fare tend to have an incremental impact on the number of rides taken by customers because it’s simple in comparison to fare range and provides more transparency.

For example, customers booking a ride from creem which gives them a fare of PKR 200 vs a fare between 180 and 230 are more likely to press “Chalo”.

General Manager Careem Pakistan Zeeshan Hasib Baig “Upfront pricing model is an extremely exciting development and is a perfect example of Careem’s mission of simplifying and improving the lives for both customers and Captains. We believe that a better customer and captain experience is the only way to keep growing.”

The upfront fare at the start of the ride will be calculated on the basis of total distance from pick-up to drop-off as well as estimated time taken on existing rates applicable in a particular city. In cases where peak factor applies, the upfront fare shown will take it into account.

In some cases where a longer route is taken, pick-up or drop-off is changed or the ride takes an unusually long time (due to heavy traffic, roadblocks, toll charges), the fare will change accordingly. For such trips, fare will reflect the actual distance travelled and time taken based on the existing fare rates in your city.