Innovation is the way to go for Real Estate Sector in Pakistan

The real estate sector in Pakistan has been going through good and bad times due to the country’s economic situation.

Innovation is the way to go for Real Estate Sector in PakistanThere have been various reasons responsible for the volatile mood of the local property market. One of the main reasons has been the presence of dated methods in advertising properties. However, opened the way to digital advertisement for people belonging to the real estate sector in Pakistan. The company has been keeping the country updated with technological advancements in real estate.

It has promoted transparency and efficiency through technology in its online platforms. has kept the country’s real estate sector on its feet despite uncertain economic conditions. From the beginning, embraced technology at a quicker pace than any other firm in the business. It generated trusted online visitors and introduced newer tools for various stakeholders in Pakistan. – paving the way for future

In 2006, two brothers Zeeshan Ali Khan and Imran Ali Khan launched as an online startup. The online portal allowed people to exhibit their properties for potential customers. Over the years, the start-up evolved into the premium property web portal of the country. The company maintained its commitment to make real estate more accessible than ever. ‘Zameen Forum’ allowed online visitors to inform each other about real estate. In 2015, the company website registered 1.5 million visitors per month. These stats proved that people relied on the website for their property-related queries.

Beyond speculation – Zameen Real Estate Property Index

In 2016, jumped ahead and launched first Real Estate Index in Pakistan. The index revolutionised the country’s real estate sector. Previously, agents and investors made decisions through speculation and the limited data available. But, the Real Estate Index permitted clients to analyse and understand trends in the market. The tool allowed clients to make informed decisions on the basis of information gathered in the field. In addition, the index tracks the actual per-square-foot rates of properties. It also digitises real estate business activities and allows investors to make decisions based on real and updated data. Reportedly, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) professors helped in developing the Real Estate Index.

Plot finder – a real estate revolution

In 2019, launched ‘Plot Finder’ —a web-based tool that allows buyers and agents to find properties online. The tool was introduced to view properties without visiting them in person. The plot finder makes the process of searching for properties less complicated and more convenient. The innovative tool gives easy access to an inventory of 1.2 million plots so far. These plots are spread across thousands of mapped societies in 38 major cities of Pakistan. The plot finder application allows clients to view plot locations, plot numbers, plot sizes, and plot types. In other words, the plot finder gives a comprehensive picture of the listed properties. The tool also enables the property agents to choose various plots and gather them into collections. Those collections can be shared with clients and their families for convenient viewing. Furthermore, the agents can tag the asking price of plots within their collections.

Zameen Property Bank –the real estate future

This year Zameen launched a tech-intensive tool ‘Zameen Property Bank’. It gathers thousands of seller leads and promotes them. These leads were wasted before due to market inefficiencies. The aim of this new tech initiative is to bring buyers and sellers together. Moreover, the digital platform streamlines the documentation and advertisement process in the real estate sector. It enables the underrepresented properties to receive up-to-date digital exposure.

Innovation is the way forward enhancedthe traditional modes of real estate advertisement and transactions. Before there was a fear of getting involved with fraudulent agents and corrupt housing schemes. This fear hindered individuals from investing in real estate properties. But, managed to bring all the stakeholders on to a single platform. Moreover, it introduced the best of modern technologies to help the end-users. Its innovative tools allow visitors to track market trends and view properties online. has made real estate convenient and profitable with its tech-intensive platform.