Pakistan Biggest Auto Show 2020 ended with a huge turnout over100,000 visitors

The Pakistan Auto Show 2020 ended at the Expo Centre in Lahore. The three day grand event, organized by the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) from 21st to the 22nd and 23rd of February 2020.

Pakistan Biggest Auto Show 2020 ended with a huge turnout over100,000 visitorsThe Pakistan Auto Show 2020 attracted large crowds of more than One hundred thousand visitors and professionals, seeking technological insights and valuable knowledge on the advancement of engineering in the industry. It featured a vast range of products and process displays from than 100 international & local auto-manufacturers and a multitude of enterprises operating in the relevant sectors.

This pioneering exhibition showcases the robust growth and vast potential of Pakistan’s Automobile industry, reflecting the nation’s pursuit to become a future hub for auto manufacturing.

The Auto Show also featured numerous insightful seminars and training workshops, conducted by very learned speakers and experts, who disseminated high-valued information. These sessions were greatly appreciated by the industry professionals. A spectacular closing ceremony was orchestrated to conclude the show with great fanfare, where the leading personalities of the Automobile industry, the engineering communities and the regulatory authorities were present along with senior government officials, prominent social personalities and showbiz stars. This grand exhibition, spread over 38,666 square feet is supported by the Engineering Development Board and, while the sponsors include: Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai& Millat Tractors.

The Chairman of PAAPAM Capt. (R) Muhammad Akram – commented that; “Looking at the resounding success of this year’s event, we are looking forward to next year’s Auto Show on a much larger scale. I would like to thank the stakeholders of this industry for making this show the ‘Biggest annual Automotive Event of the nation’. The industry leaders have urged the government to devise an effective Auto Policy in consultation with the experts, because this critical policy has been long awaited to enable faster progress of our industry. PAAPAM is fully committed to play a key role as the binding force for the Auto industry. Since its incorporation in the year 1999, PAAPAM has successfully grown to 299 registered members.”    

There are almost 3000 Auto Parts-Manufacturers operating all over Pakistan, whereby this industry has created almost 3 million jobs and opportunities for respectable income, engaging 500,000 skilled workers as Direct Employees and 2.4 million indirect employees. It has generated a robust Investment volume of Rs.400 billion, and contributes revenues of Rs. 90 billion per year to the national exchequer. It has also achieved an Import substitution worth US$ 3 billion per annum and an Exports volume of US$ 200 million per annum. Pakistan is already the cheapest source in the world, for producing tractors.

The Chief Organizer of Pakistan Auto Show 2020 Syed Nabeel Hashmi said that: “Pakistan Auto Show has once again proved that; it is the most resourceful, high-profiled event, playing a pivotal role in nurturing innovation, knowledge-exchange and collaborative ventures in the automotive industry. Revolutionary ideas and technological concepts are shared at this vibrant platform by the world’s foremost technology companies. Global Automobile Brands and experts enrich the deliberations, along with spare-parts manufacturers, component suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM vendors), automobile traders, investors, buyers and enthusiasts, who want to expand their business networks and knowledge-base.”

The SVC of PAAPAM –  Mr. Saad Sherani that; “As the demand for automobiles is expected to rise continuously over the next 3-5 years, the big challenge for Pakistan is to nurture local assemblers & vendors and ensure rapid investments in capacity-building, to meet the sharply rising demand. This industry has already achieved a high level of localization, whereby it boasts: 75% to 96% localization in Cars & HCVs, Tractors, Motorcycles in Three Wheelers. We are delighted to see that the 2020 event received an overwhelming response from industry stakeholders, international large-scale buyers and diverse consumer segments, as the exhibition featured a wide range of products including; cars, tractors, trucks, buses, 4X4, Motorcycles, three wheelers and exotic cars. The presence of Globally leading companies and many more have thoroughly enriched the proceedings of the exhibition.”

The event also attracts precision-engineering experts, Raw Material suppliers, used-car dealers, service, repairs, body-work professionals, Automobile Financing companies and other Service Providers. The industry experts held extensive deliberations to overcome the challenges and devise collective growth strategies.

Several prestigious universities presented their innovations and insightful academic projects during the event. It promoted a wide array of advanced technologies and solutions, including; Engines, Casting, Forging, Sheet Metals, Jigs & Fixtures, along with electronics, car-paints, tools, tires, batteries, plastic parts, Rubber parts and accessories. During the event, the visitors could also acquire valuable information on Car-financing, Auto-insurance, Service-Centers, etc.