Biometric verification for transfer ownership of vehicle will be implemented from 1st March in Punjab

The excise and taxation (E&T) department of Punjab has made the biometric verification process compulsory while transferring the vehicle to a new owner’s name beginning from 1st March 2020.

Biometric verification for transfer ownership of vehicle will be implemented from 1st March in PunjabAccording to the officials, the excise department is ready to implement the new system of vehicle transfer in the province of Punjab.

According to the new system, both the seller as well as the buyer of the vehicle will have to verify the process through the biometric transfer. All the preparations and necessary steps for the enforcement of the new system have been settled finalized by the provincial government.

The procedure of biometric verification is essential to eradicate the malpractices used in the market and also makes the whole process more transparent to both the old and the new owner of the vehicle. The government has been working on it for quite some time now, and finally, the framework will get in progress to start from the next month.

According to the sources, the required biometric verification machines have been purchased and connected to the online system already.

The government plans to eliminate any fraudulent activity from the market related to the transfer of vehicles. Many individuals have driving their vehicles on open transfer letter, which implies that they didn’t transfer the vehicle to their own name.

In this case, the previous owner could get in a tough situation if the car gets caught engaged in any criminal activity. Therefore, it’s also important to ensure the vehicle is properly transferred to the new owner’s name.

Driving a vehicle on an open transfer letter is unlawful. Likewise, the new biometric vehicle verification system would empower a transparent transfer of a vehicle in the presence of both the buyer and the seller. There have been several cases reported in recent years where the vehicles were sold without any prior consent of the owner of the vehicle due to the absence of any foolproof system.

On the other hand, it’s also the responsibility of the residents of Punjab not to hassle while buying or selling the car to avoid facing law or any inconvenience in the future. At the same time, it would be interesting to see how effectively the government implements the system in Punjab because efforts have been made multiple times in the past as well. Any type of shortcomings shall be eliminated before implementing the system will full effect.