Ceremony of demonstration by NIC Startups under Ignite held in Islamabad

Ignite under the auspices of Ministry of IT & Telecom started a program for building a network of National Incubation Centers (NIC) in Federal Capital and all Provincial Capitals in view the critical role played by startups in economic process by job creation, financial inclusion, reducing the income divide, and building a knowledge economy.

Ceremony of demonstration by NIC Startups under Ignite held in IslamabadThe Government of Pakistan has announced vision of accelerated digitization and transformation of Pakistan into a knowledge based economy to prompt economic expansion through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prime Minister Imran khan said while addressing a ceremony of demonstration by NIC Startups under Ignite in Islamabad that “we have the second youngest youth population in the world. With the direction the world is taking with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, all we have to do is encourage our youth”.

He further said I am happy about this initiative that Ignite has taken to support startups.

He advised the youth to not recoil from taking the less travelled path because those that take bigger challenges become more successful in life. People become successful only after getting through testing times those that dare to burn bridges and learn from past experiences begin dominating the planet.

He urged youngsters to pursue their ideas and utilize their potentials by thinking independently.

The key objective of this program is to assist talented entrepreneurs and provide them all necessary support for transformation of their innovative ideas into a sustainable business.

National Incubation Centers facilitate and provide all key support required by startups to succeed including mentorship and networking by leading entrepreneurs, top professionals, investors and meet-ups.