Top 3 best affordable cars in Pakistan

Presently there are number of options available to choose best affordable cars in Pakistan.

Top 3 best affordable cars in PakistanTop performing companies in the Pakistani automobile landscape have always produced quality stuff and this year also introduced the best affordable cars in Pakistan.

According to the stats by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) that Pakistan saw a drastic decline in the sales of cars in the fiscal year 2019, went down due to taxes and rupee depreciation against Dollar.

Car sales went down 43% in Dec 2019 while motorbikes sales went down 12%. Overall, the automotive sector of Pakistan had a bad run in 2019. But there are several cars that kept the hopes high and companies running. Even though the sales went down, these cars managed to pull off decent sales numbers saving their companies some revenue.

The hegemony of Toyota and Honda remains in the Pakistani market. These two brands are the best performing in the Pakistani auto market. But an old contender entered the arena and snuck to the top spot without causing a stir.

Suzuki has always performed well in the Pakistani market. In such tumultuous times, Suzuki, with its low price tag climbed the ladder fastest.

Suzuki Alto is a model built by the Japanese car brand with famous selling points including a low price and good fuel economy. The model, currently in its eighth generation, was first introduced in 1979 and has been built in many countries worldwide. The Alto badge has often been used on different cars in Japan and in export markets, where it is considered a city car.

Suzuki was able to sell 23,658 units of its Alto variant in 2019. Suzuki Alto provides a great mileage of 24 to 26 km in one liter with a 658 CC engine. The price of Suzuki Alto is PKR 1,598,000.

Toyota Corolla launched its 11th generation in Pakistan in July 2014 and quickly climbing to the top. The 2020 version is just out and the front engine coupled with front-wheel drive designed to be a compact sedan makes it the most popular rides among its other versions and one of the most popular in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla is highly popular because of the availability of many versions ranging from 3 engines and 4 transmissions models. Toyota XLi, Toyota GLi, Toyota Corolla Altis & Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 CVTi.

Toyota Corolla was able to sell 11,742 units in the last year while the car is quoted from Rs. 2,519,000 to 3,699,000 which is competitive in the same class models in the market.

The Japanese car brand Honda is favorite with its elegantly designed cars in Pakistan. It has always been among the top performing on the list in the Pakistani car sales landscape.

Honda’s 2019 model of Civic created a buzz in the market with its beautifully shaped aerodynamic body that houses several modern gadgets. With its newly introduced 10th generation Honda Civic Turbo Oriel, the Japanese brand has revolutionized the look and engine specs of its most famous model.

Honda promises a great mileage with its fuel-efficient engine technology and is equipped to meet the need of speedsters who like to test the limits of a car. The price of Honda Civic in Pakistan is PKR 3,499,000.

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