KP becomes first Province pass STI Policy

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is known to become the first-ever provincial government to pass its Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policy.

KP becomes first Province pass STI PolicyThe draft zero of KP STI policy has been finalized by the Directorate of Science and Technology, Government of KP has been finalized the draft of KP STI policy after months of exhaustive consultations with stakeholders, experts, academics, policymakers, and youth.

The months-long deliberations included focus group discussions and questionnaire survey interviews with the aforementioned target groups to ascertain the needs, scope, nature, and aspirations of the provincial STI framework that will cater to demands of the future of the STI ecosystem of the province.

It is important to mention here that a national STI policy was enacted in 2012 but none of the provincial governments have formulated their own STI policies yet.

Executive Committee member of the KP STI policy Mr. Ahsan Hamid Durrani who explained the importance of the new policy while talking to the media.

He informed that KP’s STI policy is a comprehensive strategy that will shape the STI ecosystem of the province and will equip the relevant departments in addressing the growing socio-economic challenges of today’s world.

He further said that without the intervention of science, technology, and innovation, making progress in the field of education, health, food & agriculture, livestock & dairy development, environment and rural development is not possible. This, according to him, necessitates the province to chalk out its STI strategy.