KIA Picanto makes out safest car available in Pakistan

Most of the automobile companies in Pakistan are not equipped with essential safety features as cant gives any priority towards safety. Kia Picanto, comes with high end safety features in market.

KIA Picanto makes out safest car available in PakistanSafety features make sure that the customer and their family members are safe. The Kia Picanto is a five-door car that comes with multiple high-end luxury and safety features for the customers in Pakistan.

Airbags protects passengers in untoward incidents so Kia has ensured that dual airbags come as standard in all Picanto variants. Dual airbags mean that there is one airbag for the driver and the other for the passenger in front.

Earlier our car has no proper braking systems as we relied on raw braking and manually slowing down the car in case the car lost traction and would skid. The Kia Picanto is equipped with the Anti-Lock Braking System, in all its variants.

ISOFIX child seat anchors were only available in high-end sedans in Pakistan. KIA ensured that these features were not just available for the hi-end automobile users, but was made available to the masses, and therefore ensured this was featured in all variant of its hatchback.

The ISOFIX anchors are hooks, welded onto the car’s chassis, which help in holding the child seat in place. Malpractice by many was to use seatbelts to tie the child seat onto the car seat, a reckless decision, and a safety hazard. With these anchors, you do not need to use the seatbelt to hold the child seat, as these anchors serve the purpose of firmly holding the seat in a much safer and convenient manner. In fact, Moreover, it significantly reduces the chances of your child getting hurt in an accident. A simpler, smarter, and safer practice.

Seatbelts is the first step towards ensuring safety therefore, must not be compromised. The Kia Picanto is packed with not only seatbelts for the driver and the front passenger, but it also has three seatbelts for the rear passengers. Therefore, there are a total of five seatbelts provided as a standard feature in the Kia Picanto. This further enhances the overall safety standing of the Picanto by ensuring active safety options are provided via a seatbelt for every passenger of the car.

The build quality of a car also counts in ensuring the safety of its passengers. The Kia Picanto has built quality that is unparalleled to any of its competitors or any car that is made in Pakistan.

All these safety features are a testament to the high priority Kia attaches to the safety of its customers and the Picanto is a clear example of how they have ensured such features are provided across the board in the auto mobile segment.

This exalts the Picanto amongst other offerings in the market. Therefore, Kia has certainly raised the bar of safety that previously manufacturers ignored the importance of safety specs in the cars.

This Korean player has taken a big step in protecting consumers’ lives with the rising competition in the auto industry and has shown the Pakistani market that safety should not be compromised at any cost. Kudos to that!

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