Zong 4G becomes the largest telecommunication cooperation projects between China & Pakistan

Zong 4G known as leading telecommunication network in Pakistan organized its annual business conference themed as “Win 2020 – Speed Ahead with Digital Leadership in the Next Decade” to commemorate the achievements for 2019 and to layout the strategy for 2020.

Zong 4G becomes the largest telecommunication cooperation projects between China & PakistanThe event was attended by His Excellency, Mr. Yao Jing, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan along with the management and employees of Zong 4G.

Zong 4G’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Wang Hua, highlighted the company’s exceptional growth during the year to maintain and sustain the leading position in the industry. He attributed this success to the large scale network enhancements and strong results from its data business that proved to be instrumental in expanding its subscriber base to 36 million.

His Excellency, Mr. Yao Jing speaking at the occasion that “China is dedicated towards the economic uplift of Pakistan. Zong 4G is one of the largest telecommunication projects under CPEC and is playing an important role as the connectivity partner for CPEC. China Mobile Pakistan has been a significant player in creating a digital ecosystem in the country. Through its continued investments endeavors in the telecommunication infrastructure, the company has made pivotal contributions in the industry as well as development of country.”

Gearing up for 2020, Mr. Wang Hua stated, “In the era of digital evolution, Zong 4G has once again cemented its position as the 4G leader. The nation’s largest 4G carrier also runs the nation’s fastest data network. Over the years, we have seen Zong 4G expand the coverage in every nook and corner of the country. Increased 4G footprint and enhanced customer experience have been at heart to maintain Zong 4G as the widest, strongest and largest 4G network of Pakistan.”

The premier forum highlighted the achievements, the other senior members of Zong 4G outlined their accomplishments for the 2019, followed by their ambitious plan for 2020.

Optimizing on its expansion and customer centric endeavors, the Zong 4G is confident to continue its legacy of being number one 4G network and redefine the digital lifestyle through its 4G enabled solutions for a sustainable growth and service delivery for the people of Pakistan.