Open source technologies introduces by Uber

Artificial intelligence(AI) has been an atypical technology trend. In a traditional technology cycle, innovation typically begins with startups trying to disrupt industry incumbents. In the case of AI, most of the innovation & technologies in the space has been coming from the big corporate labs of companies like Google, Facebook, Uber or Microsoft.

Open source technologies introduces by UberThose companies are not only leading impressive tracks of research but also regularly open sourcing new frameworks and tools that streamline the adoption of AI technologies.

In that context, Uber has emerged as one of the most active contributors to open source AI technologies in the current ecosystems. In just a few years, Uber has regularly open sourced projects across different areas of the AI lifecycle

Uber is a near perfect playground for AI technologies. The company combines all the traditional AI requirements of a large scale tech company with a front row seat to AI-first transportation scenarios. As a result, Uber has been building machine /deep learning applications across largely diverse scenarios ranging from customer classifications to self driving vehicles.

Many of the technologies used by Uber teams have been open sourced and received accolades from the machine learning community. Let’s look at some of them by clicking on link