Embassy of France supports Clean Green Pakistan Movement

Head of Administration, Embassy of France, Islamabad Ms Virginie Liang met Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) Dr Zaigham Abbas regarding Clean Green Pakistan Movement and presented jute bag as alternative of Polythene bag to him.

Embassy of France supports Clean Green Pakistan Movement

Dr Zaigham Abbas thanks the embassy of France to show keen interest in supporting government initiatives. The federal government has banned the use of polythene bags in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) since August 14, 2019. The ban on plastic and polythene shopping bags in the Federal Capital has yet to be fully implemented because shopkeepers and customers are having difficulty finding alternative bags.

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Environment has also conducted raids in different areas of Islamabad and seized over 2.5 million polythene bags.

Government introduces canvas bags among the citizens as an alternative to polythene shopping bags to support the Clean Green Pakistan initiatives aimed at combating climate change and its impacts.

Normal plastic bag takes 400 to 1,000 years to degenerate and almost every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some form in our environment. The amount of plastic waste has been increasing by 10pc each year for the past 20 years, and its accumulation poses grave threats to the well-being of all people worldwide.

The government is also running a soft campaign under Clean Green Pakistan movement to encouraging vendors and consumers to avoid using plastic bags as these are detrimental to the environment.