Daraz plans enhancing more customer experience at beginning 2020

Daraz built a robust ecommerce logistics infrastructure, educated and empowered more than 30,000 sellers and gave customer experience access to a catalogue of 10 million products in the year 2019.

Daraz plans enhancing more customer experience at  beginning 2020After a year of unprecedented technological innovation and growth, the platform is equipped to further enhance customer experience and scale express deliveries. In 2020, Daraz’ mission is to establish itself as an entertainment platform.

In 2019, Daraz Express (DEX) – Pakistan’s first logistics company specifically designed for ecommerce operations – successfully increased the scale of its operations and established a stronger footprint across the country. Between January and November, DEX delivered 7.1 million packages. With 1500 DEX Heros present in more than 20 cities, delivery time was reduced by 1-2 days. In 2020, Daraz’ priority is to scale express deliveries to fulfill customer orders within 24 hours.

Express delivery is already available as part of Fulfilled by Daraz – a premium service complemented by Daraz’ 4 warehouses located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad – and the aim for 2020 is to increase the number of products that fall within this category.

In addition to establishing a strong logistics infrastructure, Daraz built Daraz University, an online portal through which 30,000 new and existing sellers have been provided free-of-cost education on ecommerce operations. Extensive tutorials focus on product pricing, packaging and customer service to empower sellers and help them scale their online ventures. With the launch of the instant messaging feature, Daraz allowed sellers to engage in customer-initiated chats. In the coming year, by increasing focus on seller education, Daraz’ mission is to further enhance customer experience.

DarazMall – a premium service channel through which customers have access to authentic products from 440 leading national and international brands – is a strong focal point for Daraz in 2020. The platform is the pioneer of online shoppertainment in Pakistan and brought customers an engaging and interactive experience during mega campaigns such as 11.11 and 12.12 by harnessing access to the latest technology and utilizing features such as Shake Shake and in-app gamification. In 2020, Daraz’ mission is to further refine the art of shoppertainment and redefine itself as not just a digital shopping avenue but as an entertainment platform.

2019 was a year of tremendous technological innovation for Daraz. The company witnessed a 100% increase in the number of active users visiting the platform and a 140% increase is customers shopping on the platform. Orders grew by a monumental 200%. Today, more than 5 million customers visit Daraz every month – a substantial increase from 2 million last year. At the close of the year, Daraz stands in a position to redefine its goals and is confident that, in 2020, customer experience will be further enhanced, operations will be scaled and online shoppertainment will fundamentally alter the way customers interact with the platform. WIth the year coming to a close in a few days, Daraz is offering customers an opportunity to buy the products they need to kick-off their New Year’s resolutions with the New Year Sale.