Harley Davidson releases new electric motorcycle LiveWire in 2020

The LiveWire is part of Harley’s global strategy to remain viable and ensure the iconic company’s future.

Harley Davidson releases new electric motorcycle LiveWire in 2020Harley could put the electric motorcycle on the map; for a decade, various startups have entered the fray, but electric bikes remain a niche thing in 2020.

The significance of a production two wheel electric motercycle built an empire on nostalgically inspired heavyweight IC engined machines can’t be overstated.

The most anticipated Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle officially launched in late 2019. The price $30,000  is steep but the potential is enormous.

Harley Davidson announced the motorcycle LiveWire in 2014 and then launched it in 2019, when deliveries commenced late in the year.

The LiveWire is the biggest electric motorcycle of all time. It has a range of 146 miles, an 85 horsepower motor, a 15.5 kilowatt-hour battery, and can be recharged either overnight on Level 2 or in about an hour on DC fast charging. It is a strong effort to bring American leadership to electrifying the two wheeled world.

Harley CEO Matt Levatich has made the LiveWire a cornerstone of the iconic company’s 21st-century strategy.

Harley needs a new strategy, as the company stock endured a 40% slide over the past five years. Harley’s customer base is aging, and new riders have been hard to find.

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