Techno Economic Glitch

Analytical process not being focused by the leaders in choosing tech for nations. We need tech but to what extant and how much to invest in it?

Techno Economic Glitch Do we really have the capacity to get the useful work out of a tech? We have a demand but is it worth investing in it?   We see that there are many who demand tech but for what purpose.

We need to do in depth analysis of the tech being used in every day life.   We see most of the people use tech for leisure, joy and often abuse it rather than use of the tech for serving a valid, genuine purpose in life. It happens due to various reasons and also certain demographic variables are of importance in this analysis.

One reason of abuse is very obvious and is connected to education which is secondary reason. The lack of ethical inculcation in ones life and metaphysical unawareness which is in fact linked with feeling the pains of others, and keeping in mind the repercussions of the use of something, of course for ones self and generally for whole of the society. It definitely contributes in Appropriate Use (AU) of tech in a social setup regardless of ethnicity and earnings in that area.

Second is education which is widely talked about and I may not say much about it validity in accurate use of tech for making a positive different rather than using it for hacking and fraud purposes to make some earnings in life.   Other than that we need to care for our people rather than just introducing a technology in a normalized society where there is little chaos. Why we need tech in a setup which is going well. As in case of our Textile Industry we may not have invested in many new tech which resulted in dependency on electricity and thus a migration at the end for local place to a foreign alien’s land on some other country which has electricity. Now, we even face the issue of pollution due to new tech and believe that organic-ism is best solution.

We need not to support any business model on government level. Perhaps, no policy for support of no tech and an open policy is good policy to keep the local industry excelling and prospering rather than mechanizing via supporting imported techniques only for the sake of ease in doing governance rather than focusing on true transparency via socializing in reality (not just via social media tech).

We also need to have a system which in our country is going to indulge into in house or in country hunting of talent who by the help of government can produce innovative products not for sale inside but outside the country. Indigenous Innovative Industries (III) are better than inviting multinational companies for an economic bubble of FDI. III is rather better option than FDI which can engage youth in certain good activities and also result in less jobless, aimless, and work less youth in our country.

The last but not the least ( and there are many other factors in mind of the author but due to lack of time and resources can be expresses here) the Simplicity is key to success. Rather than funding for sophistication and even in SMEs I observed that business models from the west are relied upon which work rarely even in west but then governmental support with aims of covert future prospects motivate some leader to have hegemony on global level, helps the idea to be funded and materialized.

But then such ideas are seen detrimental for the funding nation also as it is obvious that only in USA the issues related to tech and abuse and pathological use are very much disturbing which needs monitoring and thus giving rise to exercises like Technology Foresight and Technology Management etc. Lets support Open Innovation Policy with governments trying not to focus on false slogans like freedom of speech but Altruistic Justice 4 All.