5 Short courses to enroll in this winter in Lahore

Winters are all about innovation and creating something new for ourselves. While some of us wait at home, patiently, for the weather to change, some of us are motivated to use the time at hand for our growth. We should make the most of these winter holidays by developing new skills or polishing the current ones.

5 Short courses to enroll in this winter in LahoreFor any of us in search of something educational, I have come up with five short courses in Lahore to enroll in this winter. They will not only increase your skill set but will make your CV stand out for recruiters to hire you.

To make your winter journey a breeze, the IPS Unit of Education has the right people for the right job. They are here to develop practical skills and raise the skills bar to meet the modern-day assets requirement.

CCNA Network Fundamentals

One of the courses at the IPS Unit for students is CCNA Networking Fundamentals. The initiative makes sure they qualify the program and trains them on the basics of networking.

Networking adds weight to your profile and shows off on your resume as a technical skill. IPS Uni’s certification promotes the cause even further because it holds value among the software and IT industry of Pakistan. It is a moment of pride for the takers as IPS comes among the famous call centers of Pakistan. CCNA is virtually a gateway to networking for it tells about the fundamentals from the word go.

Getting certified is important for your professional career in IT.  An IT reward is a step in the right direction; once you do that you can start searching for specific areas of interest such as data security, data center, service provider, and wireless system.

Now, let’s talk about the possibility that you are already working as an IT professional for a few years. If you want to grow in your company or want to switch, CCNA holds the key. It validates your skills in networking, that you have the knowledge and makes it easier for managers to hire you.

If you are already working on the server storage side of the network, you must prefer other certifications over CCNA depending on the platform you are working on.

PHP/ Web Development Course

In comparison to other programming languages such as ASP, .Net, and Java, PHP is commonly used to develop websites. The sites are by far more efficient with faster loading times.

There are many benefits to using this scripting language.

  • High efficiency and usability when used for website development
  • Websites developed with PHP function easily and exhibit faster data processing capabilities
  • Highly compatible with all the OS systems such as Windows, UNIX, and so forth.
  • Another useful application of PHP is its compatibility with HTML

IPS Unit of Education makes sure this short course in Lahore happens in just 8 weeks with 2 hours per class and 3 days a week.

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish is the native language of more than 400 million people across 44 countries, which makes it one of the most useful languages to know. For those who want to do business with Spanish customers in view, this language is for them to adapt fast. Spanish skills can be an asset for communicating with people in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Spanish is often said to be an easy language to learn which means it is very much adaptable.

English Language Course – Spoken and Written Skills

Knowing English increases your chances of landing a high-paying job in a multifaceted company both locally and across borders. It is considered an international language, one that is understood in most countries of the world. Whether it is the print, electronic, or social media, you can make use of English anywhere you like to socialize, entertain, and work.

Find yourself a spot in an English language course at the IPS Unit of Education to raise your status as a writer and speaker of this language in winter.

IELTS/TOEFL – English Proficiency Tests

TOEFL or IELTS are two proficiency tests to judge students’ proficiency in English. The test is for non-native English speakers to gain a certain level of fluency in the language, considered useful for their residency in an English-speaking country.

They are commonly used as part of the entrance requirements by universities and graduate schools in the US, Australia, and the UK. On the other hand, IELTS offers an academic option as well as a general test; generally, the preferred test for immigration purposes to the UK and Canada.