Sarsabz honors farmers through Salam Kissan, Sarsabz Pakistan in Multan

Leading fertilizer brand of Pakistan Sarsabz Fertilizer, as part of its project “Salam Kissan, Sarsabz Pakistan” hosted a special event to honor the role and contributions of local farmers at the Arts Council in Multan.

Sarsabz honors farmers through Salam Kissan, Sarsabz Pakistan in MultanThe event was hosted by regional management of Fatima Fertilizers who welcomed a large number of local and regional farmers community at the event. These included Zonal Manager Saeed Hassan Shah, Regional Manager Junaid Khan, Techncial Head Center Region Imran Hammed of Fatima Fertilizers. Director Arts Council Multan Chaudry Tahir Mehmood welcome the audience.

The event was filled with several entertainment activities for all age groups including a dedicated play area for kids, arcade games, mehndi and face painting stalls for the younger generation, folk concert and other engagement games to amuse the adults. The event ended on a high note with lucky draws and special gifts for the visitors.

The Salam Kissan, Sarsabz Pakistan campaign is dedicated to becoming the voice of small farmers and in building a clear understanding that the betterment of agriculture sector strictly depends in the growth and empowerment of farmers. It is the only initiative in Pakistan highlighting the importance of small scale kissan in curbing food insecurity challenges.

The initiative has also been widely acknowledged and regarded at the highest circles of Government with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan recently acknowledging the proposal of celebrating Kissan day every year in Pakistan.

Director Marketing and Sales at Fatima Group Khurram Javed Maqbool said, “The ’Salam Kissan’campaign was launched to appreciate our farmers who work tirelessly to fight the food insecurity challenges but are not given their due credit. Therefore, through an initiative like “Salam Kissan,Sarsabz Pakistan” we are diverting attention of policy makers towards providing an enabling environment for these farmers in order to convert them into efficient economic contributors. To ensure that this groundbreaking campaign will keep on transforming the challenges of these farmers into opportunities, Fatima Group recently celebrated December 18, as ‘Kissan day’ dedicated to celebrating the contributions of our farmers nationwide every year henceforth, which will also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of agriculture for the country’s economic prosperity”.

Pakistan is an agri-based economy yet no distinct farmer related initiatives have been observed over the decades to demonstrate support and encouragement for the farmer community.However, with the introduction of ‘Kissan day’ through its ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative, Fatima Group has taken the lead and is working hard to modernize Pakistan’s age-old agriculture setup through an efficient digital revolution, and by introducing innovative tech-based new products and services to transform the current challenges of farmers into growth opportunities. The campaign will continue its momentum in Hyderabad and Sialkot thereafter in a bid to make the voice of small-farmers heard at a national level.