What is expected of the new Samsung Galaxy S11

It’s not even 2020, and we’ve already got some very solid leaks and rumors of the upcoming masterpiece Samsung Galaxy S11.

What is expected of the new Samsung Galaxy S11We have got a lot of huge exciting leaks to share about Samsung Galaxy S11. There are few key leaks that stand out from these. Initially, if we look towards the front, we can see that the design is similar to what we’ve got on the S10, as well as the Note 10, Kind of looks like a love child between the two, and that’s because although the shape looks a lot like the S10 with the curved edges, and we do have the center punch-out that we’ve seen on the Note 10. It looks like the bezels are going to be slightly smaller compared to what we had last year.

Higher refresh rate:

It is rumored that this year, we should be getting a higher refresh rate up to 120 hertz. We would say this was the biggest criticism that we had on the Samsung flagship devices last year, that they didn’t have a high refresh rate as some of the other competitors, but it looks like this year, Samsung is going to be either catching up or maybe even exceeding with a higher refresh rate, and we are all up for that.

Back design:

Now, if we take a look towards the back, this is where we’ve got quite a big change. So although we’re still likely to have a metal and glass sandwich, with those curved glass panels both in the front and back like we always see from Samsung. This time it looks like we’re going to be getting a rectangular camera module. We are not sure how we feel about this as yet from the renders, but this does seem to be a trend that we’ve seen on smartphone designs.

5 camera lenses:

With the upcoming galaxy, it looks like rectangular camera module. Now, whether you like the rectangular camera module or not, the good news is that we’re going to have some big improvements in the way of cameras.Some rumors are saying that we’re going to have up to five cameras here in this rectangular module.

What are these cameras going to be? Well, traditionally Samsung has gone for a primary camera, a telephoto camera, an ultra-wide, we also have a time-of-flight sensor on the Note 10+, which measures depth information. So it’s likely that we’re going to have some form of a combination of this, however, the fifth camera is still a bit of a question mark.

Now, one of the biggest improvements that we’re going to see with the cameras is with the primary camera, which is likely to have a 108-megapixel resolution, and that is insane.Now, Samsung has recently launched a sensor,and we’ve seen it on the other phones as well, and it looks like Samsung is going to be improving this sensor for the S11 by adding lots of resolution such as sharper images, and also some sort of pixel binning going on, which means a lower resolution, not the full 108 megapixels, but that’s going to be able to capture more pixels on that sensor and give us much better image quality. We are super, super excited about this.

Ultra-wide camera:

Now, for the ultra-wide camera, we’re also going to be seeing this on the Galaxy S11, but this year, it’s also looking like we’re going to get up to five times optical zoom with periscope technology. This is basically going to allow you to get in much closer to your subjects. It’s going to be much more advanced compared to the two-time optical zoom that we’ve currently got on many Samsung devices.

Advanced Videography features:

Another interesting camera feature that will make way to Samsung Galaxy S11 will be 8K video recording at 30 frames per second as well as 960 frames per second continuous recording.

So currently on the Samsung devices, we do have 960 frames per second burst, so it’s very, very short, but it looks like now we’ll be able to have a continuous slow-motion recording at 960 frames a second, which will be absolutely dope. In addition to that, we’ve also heard some rumors that we will be seeing a return of the Pro Video mode on the Samsung Galaxy S11. This is something that a lot of people have been asking for; the ability to control lots of different settings when you’re recording a video.

Superfast processor:

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipsets. Recently at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, theyannounced lots of details of the 865 and as well as the general improvements, such as 25% improvements over GPU performance, as well as 25% improvements over power efficiency.

Now, also at the Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm did announce the 3D Sonic Max. This is their next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and this gives you a 17 times larger area for your fingerprints, which will make it much easier to unlock, but not only that, it also allows two fingers to be used at the same time, so this will make things a lot more secure. You’re also going to be able to measure your heart rate with this very big 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor.

No headphone jack:

If we do look around the renders, there will be no longer a 3.5 mm jack and it looks like it is definitely goodbye to the 3.5 mm jack.  The good news is, however, that Samsung should be releasing their new Galaxy buds along with the Samsung Galaxy S11, which means the Galaxy buds version 2 will hit the market with advanced features such as active noise cancellation.

Release date:

Current rumors are pointing towards February the 18th for the announcement date, which does seem pretty likely considering Samsung’s track record with the Samsung Galaxy S devices.