1st time FTTT enable network introduces by Telenor in Pakistan

Leading a new era of communication with yet another industry-first, Pakistan’s leading telecom services provider, Telenor Pakistan, has enabled FTTT (Fiber to the Tower) on its network.

1st time FTTT enable network introduces by Telenor in PakistanThe initiative is aimed at enhancing customer experience and strengthening Telenor’s network to achieve optimum readiness for emerging technologies.

As the hunger for data grows at an unprecedented pace both in terms of speed and volume, Telenor Pakistan continues to deliver on its commitment to innovate and provide an unmatched customer experience.

The FTTT technology truly enables Telenor Pakistan to be 5G ready while allowing for much higher bandwidth transport capability for every FTTT-powered site.

Ultimately, it is Telenor Pakistan’s customers who will benefit from this significant network enhancement. FTTT will allow for a much faster and smoother internet experience, lag-free online gaming for games such as PUBG & Fortnite, improved voice and video calls over IP applications such as Skype and WhatsApp, enabling users to experience true broadband-like service. The technology will also improve network reliability in extreme weather conditions gaining significant advantage over conventional solutions allowing Telenor Pakistan customers to experience uninterrupted data services.

Chief Technology Officer and Deputy CEO, Telenor Pakistan Khurrum Ashfaque said “Latency, or the speed at which communications take place, is the decisive parameter for the networks of the future”.

He further said “With customer-centricity being at the core of our operations at Telenor Pakistan, we have been taking bold steps to boost data speeds and help Pakistanis embark on a digital future that we envision. With better connectivity, doors to new possibilities will open for millions of Pakistanis and the country will witness empowerment on both macro and micro levels. Working with leading fiber infrastructure partners, FTTT is the latest development in Telenor Pakistan’s measures for technological innovation and is a hallmark achievement in the company’s journey towards a Digital Pakistan.”

Telenor Pakistan has been a major Player in the introduction of new and innovative solutions for its discerning customers. The company has always been a frontrunner in the growth of technology and innovation, introducing the country’s first VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and 4.5G networks, and having a diverse portfolio of digital services and products. With FTTT, Telenor Pakistan is geared to bring Pakistan into a new era of technological innovation by enabling its customers to fully reap the benefits of flawless communication.