How many workdays need to buy the latest iPhone 11 Pro in Pakistan?

The latest analysis done by about the price of iPhone 11 Pro and average salaries in several dozen countries around the world including Pakistan.

How many workdays need to buy the latest iPhone 11 Pro in Pakistan?Apple’s pricing policy is giving more and more surprises every year to its users. After the announcement of Apple’s new devices, the analytical team of decided to compare an average salary in selected countries with the price of an iPhone 11 Pro (the 64GB model) in order to count the number of workdays required to buy it.

The current price of iPhone 11 Pro (64GB is Rs 217,999) in Pakistan. Assuming that the average salary of a person working in this country is Rs 33,929.12 who would have to work for 134.9 day for buying iPhone 11 Pro in this year, living expenses still not included. That is 46.3 days more than the previous year.

In the lead of the rank are Switzerland, the United States and Luxembourg, where the ratio of the iPhone’s price to the average salary is the most attractive. A statistical Swiss should be able to save up for iPhone 11 PRo in 4.8 days, an American  in 5.8 days, and a Luxembourger in 6.7 days.

The reverse record belongs to Pakistanis. Similarly, in countries like Nigeria or Ukraine, the new gadget has got the value of 122.9 and 96.7 workdays, respectively. told about the methodology and data source for Pakistan that the iPhone Index 2019 has been calculated on the basis of iPhone 11 Pro prices announced publicly on local Apple or authorized seller websites in Pakistan. The average salaries come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages. In the absence of official up-to-date information, the average wage is based on data for August 2019. We divided the monthly wages by 21 which is usually the average number of workdays in a month.