Airlift starts its services in Karachi to revolutionize mass transit

Ride hailing company Airlift has officially started its services in Karachi city to revolutionize mass transit. This is the beginning of a new era of transportation in Karachi.

Airlift starts its services in Karachi to revolutionize mass transitProvincial Minister for transport Syed Awais Qadir Shah graced as chief guest in inauguration ceremony. During his address he offered his full support to the venture and highlights the importance of such private companies in Pakistan.

He said “With the transport sector in a complete deplorable state and the unfavourable economic condition of the country, companies like Airlift have aroused hope in the population of Pakistan to travel safely whenever and wherever they want to.”

The Executive Director Airlift SyedMehr Haider reinforced the continued commitment to make the urban commute more systematic by decreasing traffic volume as well as carbon emissions in our congested cities. He also renewed the pledge to provide easy, comfortable and economical mobility to the users from one point to another.

Airlift has announced its commitment towards making transit accessible, especially for those who are differently abled at the event. The company believes it is their duty as citizens of Pakistan to ensure that differently abled people get equal opportunities to avail these services.

Airlift invited the inspiring Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) in light of International Day of Differently abled Persons 2019 celebrated on the 3rd of December to share with them their vision in Karachi. The organization was moved by the performance given by shining stars who performed the National Anthem in sign language. Therefore, Airlift invites general public to take a pledge with them, to make Pakistan accessible for all.