TPL Logistics starts 1st live order Tracking system in Pakistan

TPL Logistics has initiated the first of its kind LIVE order tracking in Pakistan by leveraging TPL Maps, Trakker and a strong drive for tech innovation, 

TPL Logistics starts 1st live order Tracking system in PakistanTPL Trakker Ltd. is Pakistan’s first and largest tracking company, operating since 1999, offering vehicle based IoT solutions utilizing GPS/GSM technology.

TPL Logistics launched rider service in Pakistan known as “last mile” in May to provide delivery service focused on ecommerce and online sellers equipped with a proprietary digital logistics engine comprising of fulfillment, delivery and operations.

Soon Rider has proven to be the best choice for delivery partner for some of Pakistan’s largest online stores and marketplaces. The technology allows for smarter, faster and more accurate deliveries that address a huge number of COD related challenges.

While ‘now’ commerce and on demand services such as Uber and Careem have pioneered the ease of live tracking into the consumer lifestyle, the scope remains limited to a single point of pick up and a single point of drop off. This solution is not suited for e-commerce and last mile, where orders need to be picked up from multiple locations, aggregated, sorted and then delivered to multiple individual addresses.

It is expected that about 4 out of 10 packages do not reach their end destination in Pakistan. These attempts come at a high cost to eCommerce retailers as well as delivery companies.

One of the most common reasons for failed deliveries is that customers are not aware of a delivery taking place which means they may not be home or available to pay for and receive the package.

CEO of  TPL Salman Allana said, “We set out to create a delivery service where customers are in the loop from the beginning to the end. An online shopping experience should be at least equivalent to, if not better than walking into a physical store. That means transparency, speed and, most importantly, no frustrating calls for confirmation or directions.”

Rider solves the complex problem of live tracking for a customer within a multi-point pick up and drop off model, easing package anxiety and letting customers know exactly where their order is and exactly when it will arrive at their doorstep.