Modern agricultural techniques of China bring revolutionary development in Pakistan

President said that modern agricultural techniques of China can bring revolutionary development in the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

Modern agricultural techniques of China bring revolutionary development in PakistanPresident Arif Alvi was chief of guest at the inaugural ceremony of the 5th CAC Pakistan Exhibition held in Expo center Lahore.

President wanted to take advantage of the Chinese experience in agriculture, harvesting and other areas and definitely the exhibition was paving the way for that.

He further said that “Agriculture plays a key role in Pakistan’s economy and makes an important contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) and employment”. Agriculture sector had a great potential to gain more benefit that why the government giving great importance to the sector.

The president suggested that the agriculture sector would get a boost with the joint ventures between Pakistan and China by bringing Chinese researchers, agricultural experts and business community to Pakistan. It will also assist Pakistan to get rid of the issues of low productivity and post-harvest losses in agricultural sector.

He stressed that investment could play a vital role in economic stability and the government was ensuring the provision of all possible facilities for the ease of doing business to encourage domestic and foreign investors in agricultural sector.

Chinese Consul General Long Ding Bin pointed out that Pakistan and China had already initiated government-to-government cooperation in the agriculture sector and this exhibition had provided an opportunity to businessmen of both sides to initiate B2B cooperation.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Chairperson Ma Chunyan suggested that Pakistan could ensure fast growth in the agriculture sector by taking benefit of Chinese expertise and advanced technology.

President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Irfan Iqbal Sheikh said a well-performing and high-yielding agriculture sector was the need of the hour. Pakistan cannot do well without improving the performance of the agriculture sector.

He further said that present scenario demands that both the government and private sector need to join hands to make the most of the available resources by introducing innovative ways at an affordable cost for our farmers.

He pointed out that agriculture sector urgently required locally developed as well as imported solutions in the fields of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, farm machinery, equipment, etc. Our Chinese friends developed cost-effective solutions in these areas offering at reasonable rates. These Chinese companies are getting a lot of success in improving their standards and product range.