New CEO of TMB focus bridging gaps among seniors & employees

Mohammad Mudassar Aqil was appointed the CEO of Telenor Micro finance Bank (TMB) on 1st November 2019. His first few weeks of commitment have been dedicated to bonding with managers and their teams from across the country.

New CEO of TMB focus bridging gaps among seniors & employeesIn a time when organizations and businesses are becoming heavily tech-oriented, limiting interactions between different levels of employees, there is a need for changed priorities. Companies require leaders who are not only visible and available for productive communication but also instill an aura of inclusion in the organization overall.

One of the biggest concerns in large organizations is the vacuum that forms between senior executives and the rest of the employees. For Mudassar, addressing and closing this gap has been the first priority.

Mudassar Aqil has more than two decades of experience in the banking sector working for organizations like FINCA and Bank Alfalah nationally while also serving M&T Bank in the US. He has helped these organizations achieve some exceptional results from team building and executing strategic decisions effectively.

From the time he took over the reins of Telenor Microfinance Bank, Mudassar has been interacting with colleagues located at the headquarters as well as in other cities.

He addressed Town Halls in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad during his CEO Live sessions where he had the opportunity to connect with various executives including Irfan Wahab Khan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Telenor Microfinance Bank.

Mr. Irfan felicitated the new CEO on his appointment and wished him a prosperous journey ahead.

Mudassar took a tour of all offices to get acquainted with different departments and the members in each division. It was a healthy opportunity for managers and their teams to get to know their new Chief Executive better professionally while opening avenues for more productive and friendly interactions in the future.

The CEO also sat down with department heads from various business divisions informally and called for suggestions that would help grow TMB further. Collectively, these discussions contributed to a positive foundation for future internal relations.

The momentum built by these activities during the first few weeks has given an optimistic boost to the atmosphere in the organization. Executives, managers and the rest of the team members are looking forward to great initiatives and so is the new Chief Executive Officer. TMB is ready to conquer new horizons in the days to come.