Climate change in Pakistan badly effect human health

Human health has appeared as one of the major issues within Pakistan and at worldwide due to climate change.

Climate change in Pakistan badly effect human healthHowever, intensity of extreme whether levels, changes in precipitation levels, increase in levels of sea and temperature warming are some effects of climate change that caused negative effects on human health.

Bacteria and different viruses are present within water due to climate changes that caused harmful effect on health while drinking. Similarly, storms can also affect the infrastructure of water and exceed the capacity of water that can increase many other viruses.

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The air we inhaling from the environment also caused some problems that may injurious to health. Such as asthmatic, lung cancer and other problems. In addition, whatever food we eat effecting in varieties of ways and expected to affect nutrition of food and its safety.

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Moreover, plants also effects with climate change that lowers level of proteins, minerals etc. So, these effect human health in a harmful manner.

The weather we experience naturally effect badly. For instance, the smog factor takes place when seasons change which causes problems related to stomach illness

Still Pakistan is facing these issues due to Climate change regarding human health. We can do many things in several ways to overcome these issues i-e building alarm systems for heat waves that can warn us before, people drink boil water that limited the presence of bacteria within water, monitoring water and its quality standards to prevent from other diseases as well and using medical masks for protecting from smog. On the other hand, we can make some awareness regarding healthcare services and its remedies on social media and by different campaigns as well.

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