RapidCompute 1st Pakistani cloud service provider to GDPR compliant

Newly RapidCompute turn to be 1st cloud service provider from Pakistan to GDPR compliant. The effective implementation of the regulatory requirements was marked by a formal signing ceremony between RapidCompute and SecureBeans, a cybersecurity consulting firm which performed an audit for the former.

RapidCompute 1st Pakistani cloud service provider to GDPR compliantRapidCompute has become one of the select few organizations in the country to be GDPR compliant with this achievement.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was formally introduced when the European Union adopted the legislation in 2016. It is one of the most important set of laws governing privacy of data especially concerning citizens of the EU. It provides data security by introducing stringent regulations and standards for cyber security and protection of sensitive user information.

Managing Director RapidCompute Imran Khan speaking at the occasion stated “Unfortunately in Pakistan, there is a callous disregard for data protection which is clearly evident in the numerous breaches that have been reported in the past few years. With concerns about data privacy and confidentiality running high across many industries, RapidCompute wanted to assure its customers and partners that it continues to stay committed to its security strategy. Already being ISO 27001 and PCIDSS Certified, GDPR compliance was the next essential step in ensuring RapidCompute processes and governs customer data according to the highest possible standards.”

RapidCompute is Pakistan’s oldest and leading cloud service provider, offering IaaS cloud computing, networking services and management tools that power the mission critical applications of organizations. With several hundred clients across various industries, some of which store and process data of the EU, RapidCompute’s GDPR compliance will now ensure that customers can safely host their infrastructure on a cloud platform that guarantees implementation of appropriate technical measures. Financial entities and banks, in particular, which interact with EU data, will be able to greatly benefit from these information protection measures.

CEO of SecureBeans Mr. Azam Mughal also expressed his views at the occasion said “We’re very excited to see local entities like RapidCompute take data protection seriously and aim to be GDPR compliant, when most other organizations are now just starting their security journey. Our aim is to understand clients’ needs and deliver the right answers for their data, security and compliance requirements. We’re happy to announce today that RapidCompute is officially GDPR compliant and can provide their customers with a secure business environment that protects their confidentiality, integrity and availability of business information in its truest essence.”