ACCA identiy chinese businesses emerging as global corporations

ACCA has identified the 100 fastest growing Chinese businesses emerging as global corporations based on analyses of historical performance and their potential for future growth.

ACCA identiy chinese  businesses emerging  as global corporationsACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has conducted in depth jointly research with the Shenzhen Finance Institute, on nearly 3,000 private enterprises listed in China and overseas.

The research stems from 11 specially designed diverse indicators, with five of these measuring the companies’ historical performance and six predicting their future growth. These factors include the company’s size, growth, profitability, innovativeness, level of internationalisation, and media coverage.

Head of ACCA Pakistan Sajjeed Aslam, said “ACCA has been monitoring China’s rising corporate and businesses, with an original report in 2014, followed by further analysis in 2016. What’s clear across all reports is the aspiration to go global, with many Chinese businesses already doing so. This most recent report indicates that many of Chinese businesses will become China’s next generation of global corporations over the next few years if they continue on their current trajectories”

He further said “Businesses in Pakistan need to learn from these examples of accelerated business growth and should explore opportunities to build partnerships with them to jump start their own global expansion.”

To increase understanding of the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, ACCA is actively collaborating with a range of strategic partners, working together to explore and define the opportunities and challenges facing countries and businesses along the routes, with special focus on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

ACCA publishes a wide range of Belt and Road focused research and insights to support its members who are already working and supporting BRI projects.