MUET & SSUET attend Int' event CONASENSE 4-in-1

Delegates from MUET (Mehran University of Engineering & Technology) and SSUET (Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology) attended International event CONASENSE4-in-1.

MUET & SSUET attend Int' event CONASENSE 4-in-1CONASENSE4-in-1 including “Integration of Communications, Navigation, Sensing and Services and EU CENTRAL project meeting at Business Development and Technology Research Centre and CTIF Global Capsule Arhus University BIRK CENTER PARK 15, 7400, HERNING, DENMARK .

The Overall Objective of the CONASENSE4-in-1 was to open discussions on innovation and its commercialization through a strong partnership between industries and academia as well as on modern practices and methodologies in cross-/multi-/interdisciplinary areas such as social science, technology, Business Canvas and so on. The novel, innovative solutions for the inherited and current problems were examined to have a discrete system of work to be followed.

The symposium created an atmosphere for socialization among participants and on the popular happenings in the Digital World specially launching of joint Masters Program on “Digital Technology for Business Transformation” was also focus of attention. It also provided a platform for different sectors to look for new initiatives for defining project proposals for European Commission funded project. The delegates from USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Thailand, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Norway, India, Finland, and Holland were present.  

Founder President, CTIF GLOBAL CAPSULE (CGC) Prof Dr Ramjee Prasad narrated about start of journey of CGC. He mentioned that this journey started in 2004 as the Centre for Tele Infrastructure (CTIF). This legacy was gradually embraced to transform the sturdy network into a non-profit association, known as CGC since 2015. Today, CGC has been gaining the internationally acclaimed recognition for its activities.

CENTRAL Project of which MUET and SSUET are partners aims at developing and implementing academic educational curricula with an international orientation in content and form, aimed at preparing students for performing (professionally/socially) in a global and multicultural context and designed for domestic and/or foreign (international) students.

CENTRAL is aimed at enabling employability, internationalization and interdisciplinary engagement of students and graduates, as well as research staff. The goal is to modernize existing infrastructure in Asian universities by developing and implementing appropriate support software tools and to create new curricula in the fields of ICT, which are expected to grow exponentially in the next years and train and educated with skilled personnel.

Prof Dr MA Uqaili VC MUET,  Dr BS Chowdhry Professor Emeritus, and Dr Arabella Bhutto, Co-Director MUISTD participated from MUET and Dr Mohammad Aamir, Associate Dean Faculty of Engineering, and Dr Rehan Qureshi Chairman Software Engineering participated from SSUET in the event.