Lab confirm eggs were chicken’s eggs not plastic in KHI

The officials of provincial food authority said the report issued by the laboratory confirmed that the eggs were chicken’s eggs not plastic eggs in Karachi.

Lab confirm eggs were chicken’s eggs not plastic in KHIThey further said that “the eggs were rotten as their expiry date had passed”.

It is important to mention here that the police done raid on the complaint register by the citizen in Karachi. As a result police seized a huge stock of plastic eggs and arrested a shopkeeper for selling them. 

As per details, Police had arrested four persons including two wholesalers and one retailer after disclosure of selling of fake eggs at a shop in Khayaban-e-Sahar.

According to Darakshan SHO Azam Gopang, a resident of Khayaban-e-Seher in Defence Housing Authority Phase VI had registered a complaint that the eggs he had bought from the shop had turned out to be made of a ‘plastic-like substance’, while its white and yellow yolk had also mixed together as soon as the shell was broken.

Police had also taken possession of truck of fake eggs during a raid in Karachi. The plastic eggs were kept with genuine eggs in truck.

The seized products were then sent to a lab of Sindh Food Authority (SFA) for further testing.