MiniTool announced Power Data recovery v8.6

MiniTool Solution, an industry leader in data recovery solutions, had announced MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6, the latest version of its popular recovery software.

MiniTool announced Power Data recovery v8.6The new version delivers features crafted to further improve the reliability and application of efficiently recovered data. 

Focused on the reliable recovery of data, MiniTool has enhanced its MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 to bring a diverse set of benefits to users, including:

  • Enhanced Recovery Efficiency and Accuracy: MiniTool applied a new algorithm technology to reduce the data error ratio during the data recovery process, which has greatly improved the recovery efficiency and the accuracy of data recovered.
  • Added Online User Manuals: The online user guide describes several common data recovery scenarios. It shows every aspect of MiniTool Data Recovery software, including overview introduction, how to install and run, etc. This chapter contains different topics and error restore scenarios that users may need to perform data recovery or not.
  • Added Languages: MiniTool added more languages to the latest version. Power Data Recovery v8.6 can now switch languages seamlessly, likely developing a higher level of mental flexibility than any other recovery solution of its kind. It now supports over six different languages.

There are some fixes with the existing features, The update is now available worldwide. For additional information, please visit link

“The application of new tech and language supports has created MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 of new opportunities, made it more reliable in recovering data – it has also opened the door to more potential data recover requirements,”


Chief Marketing Officer at MiniTool Michael Luo said  “Users, particularly those with less professional knowledge, need to be vigilant when it comes to their data and data recovery solution.”

MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 delivers an industry-leading data recovery solution that can be deployed in different data recovery scenarios. Going well beyond just being a recovery solution, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also offers a perfect solution to create bootable media based on WinPE, which provides better compatibility with a computer’s hardware. MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers high availability and disaster recovery – with support of files recovering from multiple devices, the ability to preview files, and support for over 70 files types.  

The vendor MiniTool Solution is making MiniTool Power Data Recovery v8.6 a better, more secure tool that is more useful than ever before.  

As the update is world available, users can go to the official website to access the latest version at

About MiniTool  

Over the years, MiniTool has garnered acclaim worldwide for providing solutions precisely tailored to address the needs of personal users and organizations of different sizes. Established in Canada, MiniTool devotes itself to develop and update different kinds of computer programs like partition management, file recovery tool, mobile recovery, and digital data backup software.