14 graduating startups from NIC Peshawar

National Incubation Center (NIC) held the Inaugural Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its startups from the first and second cohort in Peshawar.

14 graduating startups from NIC PeshawarFederal Minister for Information Technology and Telecom Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, was the guest of honor for the ceremony, which was attended by the senior members of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government, Ignite as well as prominent leaders from Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

Operated by LMKT in collaboration with PTCL, NIC Peshawar is an initiative funded by Ignite and Ministry of IT and Telecom. Since its inauguration in January 2018, some 18 months ago, NIC Peshawar has played a monumental role in the development of KP’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The center has added significant value to the province’s economy by enhancing the growth potential of the region’s local businesses. Altogether the graduating startups have created more than 470 direct and 1900 indirect jobs, raised over PKR 192 Million in investment and increased their revenue exponentially to more than PKR 120 Million.

The 14 graduating startups from the NIC truly showcased the diversity and depth of talent in KP. Belonging to a wide array of industries including education, health, AR/VR, e-commerce, lifestyle, eco-friendly transportation, gaming and delivery services, these startups have already made their mark through disruptive and innovative ideas.

Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui addressing the ceremony, said, “Graduating startups of NIC Peshawar have lived up to the standard of KP traditions that are known for their liveliness. I’m sure that KP youth will set new standards for their peers from all across the country. It’s really heartening to see the full-blown ideas ranging from fashion to health, AR/VR and education generating healthy revenues”.

Kamran Khan Bangash addressing the audience, said, “KP is soon going to be the digital heart of Pakistan and you will see a revolution of innovation. NIC Peshawar is playing the most significant role toward this goal by transforming startup ecosystem of the region.”

CEO Ignite Yusuf Hussain, commended the efforts of NIC Peshawar saying, “The success of NIC Peshawar is the result of planning and execution with passion, rigor, and high ethics.”

CEO LMKT Atif Rais Khan, congratulated the graduating startups and said, “NIC Peshawar is the proof that investing in human capital pays enormous dividends and if we want to be a world class tech development destination and a top performing economy this is the area we have to develop.”

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communication, PTCL Syed Shahzad Shah said on the occasion that “It is an honor to be part of this event, where we have seen the making of the future leaders of Pakistan. On behalf of PTCL, I would like to congratulate the graduating startups and the management of NIC Peshawar, LMKT and Ignite. The potential displayed by these young entrepreneurs incubated at NIC Peshawar is truly outstanding. I believe that these local startups will take the country to the next level of economic growth and prosperity.”

Director NIC Peshawar Murtaza Zaidi, thanked all the esteemed guests for attending the ceremony and encouraging the graduating startups.

He added, “The success of these startups speaks volumes about the commitment, dedication and hard work of these innovators. All of these startups have proved themselves in the market and shown the world, the potential this land possesses.”

NIC Peshawar continues to steadily work on its mission of Igniting the Spark of innovation and disruption in KP. Our commitment to this goal is reflected in the ongoing success of these graduating startups.