Agricultural alphabet of success begins with Agronomy

A is for agronomy, the starting point of good agriculture. It is the science of soil management and crop production and it’s why we have agronomy as the starting point for how we develop our advice.

Agricultural alphabet of success begins with AgronomyAgronomists are of great team on the ground. Their typical working days are a wonderful mix of groundwork, in every sense of the phrase. They work on the land devising and monitoring research trials on farm and they also do that other important ‘groundwork’ of networking with as many farmers and farm advisers as possible to show and share the benefits of farming.

Helping farmers fulfill their crop yield potential

For a glimpse of the working life of an agronomist take a look at a short film. Of all agronomists worldwide, everyone  is closer to the start of the nutrient supply chain to its farm level.

Agronomy is not just the preserve of professional agronomists. The best of farmers and growers use a set of agronomic skills to precisely measure and manage their soil for their crops’ productivity, to fuel the inter-relationship between available nutrition and crop health and growth. It is what is driving the adoption of innovation for delivering the right balance of key crop nutrients and at the right time for when crops need it. But in this day and age, when achieving sustainable productive agriculture is more important than ever, would it be good if everyone along the food supply chain from farmer to consumer had a little agronomic understanding?

In the meantime, agronomists continue to respect, rely and adhere to the foundation stone, the scientific basis, and the alphabetic starting point of good agriculture: agronomy and the good work of agronomists. Modern Concepts & Developments in Agronomy strives hard to create a platform for students, scientists, academics, engineers all over the world to share, promote and discuss various topics, inventions and developments in different aspects of agriculture.

Agronomists, sometimes known as crop scientists, specialize in producing and improving food crops through conducting experiments and developing methods of production

By Zeeshan Ali

Experienced person with a demonstrated history of working in the fertilizer & Agro-Chemicals industry. Skilled in Plants Nutrition Management, Crop Productivity Enhancement, Fertilizer Management, Advances in Research & Nutrition, Management, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Sales Management. Strong Sales professional graduated from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.