PAMF inaugurates 16th ISAM 2019 in Islamabad

The 16th ISAM-2019 (International Symposium on Advanced Materials) organized by Pakistan Advance Materials Forum (PAMF) has been inaugurated in Islamabad.

PAMF inaugurates 16th ISAM 2019 in IslamabadChairman Pakistan Engineering Council, Mr Jawed Saleem Qureshi, was chief guest of Inaugural Ceremony. He highlighted the scope of materials technology as unlimited while addressing the audience at National Centre for Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan.

He further said that “Material development today is now much closer to engineering science than in the past. The engineer’s ability to translate that science into application is now approaching the level of atomic and molecular design. The availability of new analytical and computational techniques has enabled engineers to take the study of material properties to new heights, and holds tremendous potential for the future”.

He added that “Pakistan is a developing country, and is rich in material resources. We also have some of the best manpower but unfortunately our resources remain untapped and our expertise finds few avenues to flourish because we utterly lack the infrastructure and the sophisticated technology of minerals processing, alloy development, melting and zone refining, fabrication and forming techniques etc”.

Chairman of the Symposium Mr. Tahir Ikram emphasized the role of advanced materials while addressing the audience that “Advanced materials for the twenty first century needs material experts. Developments in the design of advanced materials are required to meet the increasing demands in the fields of aircraft, aerospace, automobile, marine, electronic and allied industries and many other non-engineering areas which include medical and bio-medical fields. These depend on the availability of novel and advanced materials which are having features like responding actively to changes in its environment”.

He further said that “Advanced Materials effectively fill our progress landscape and are already predicting our future. Pakistan simply cannot afford to stay behind as the progress of industry and infrastructure depends upon the adoption, promotion and invention of new materials. We have to work in close collaboration with the world materials scientists’ community to search for effective solutions to our design and engineering problems”.

Secretary of the Symposium, Dr. Muneeb Asim gave briefing about the previous 15 symposia. He said that holding the symposia on Advanced Materials was a timely decision taken in 1989. 16th ISAM-2019 is biennial event being held for the last 30 years.

He informed that the theme of these symposia has been to provide a common platform to the participants from abroad and within the country to exchange information, share their ideas, experiences, expertise on the materials that are being used across the globe.

This biennial event has become one of the prime international platforms at which materials engineers and scientists keep themselves up-to-date with recent technologies and new developments. During the Symposium, 300 Papers will be presented by foreign and local researchers.